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Chess in Art Book

Chess in Art is a unique book offering an overview of chess history in images.

800 years of chess
in one book

The 320-page book presents a unique selection of artworks dating from the 11th to 19th centuries depicting the game of kings as captured by more than 700 artists. The book will show you how artists throughout history have represented the noble game.

The only book of its kind based on seven years of literally detective work, of searching through archives in a number of countries. Chess in Art captures 800 years of artistic development within the context of social, political, technological and industrial changes.

Painter, conceptual artist and author Peter Herel Raabenstein drew inspiration from the symbolism of chess and developments in fine arts. After fifteen years of study and careful planning, he made the book a reality.

Chess in Art - book

Chess in Art book

320 color pages on hardcover matte paper

7 years of data collection

15 years of conceptualisation

includes book, dedication card and branded packaging

book size: 26×26 cm; book weight: 1.8 kg

the book includes images of paintings created by more than 700 artists

Chess in art limited edition

The limited edition of 111 copies of Chess in Art have been produced in a leather binding using the finest materials. This limited edition is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the author and an enclosed print of an artwork by Peter Herel Raabenstein.

certificate of authenticity with a number of the copy

special luxury packaging

print of the artist’s painting entitled “Game” with the artist’s signature

leather binding

Chess in Art book - limited edition