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Chess in Art is a unique book, which presents the artist’s relationship with the game of chess. On 320 pages the author captures 800 years of this relationship influenced by social, political, industrial and technological advancement. The book includes paintings created by more than 700 artists, with a detailed introduction of how artists troughout history have perceived the game of kings.


Chess Magazine Black and White

Chess in art will give you a few unforgettable moments when you will feel like a king for at least a moment.

The Chess World

Great gift or inspiration! Chess in Art as the only book of it's kind is the right choice to get.


CHESS IN ART History of chess in paintings 1100-1900 “.
A very interesting book for art lovers, which combines works that you definitely enjoy discovering.

Art Plugged

Peter Raabestein created a beautiful, weighty and very satisfying book. Even without a pre-existing knowledge of chess,
it is an eye-opening project which demonstrates the true cultural longevity of a game that has come to represent intelligence, social interaction, and competition.

Thoughts on art

This book is a unique contribution to the world of chess.
It’s a good jumping off point for chess enthusiasts or future art history scholars who may want to analyze chess in art.

FIDE-David LIada

I used to say that #TheThinkers was the most beautiful chess book ever devoted to chess - at least when it comes to the esthetics.
But after I saw Chessinart's book, I don't think I can claim that anymore. This book is one of a kind.

ACP-Ivan Salgado Lopéz

Through the paintings you can travel from the entrance of chess in Europe until the end of the 19th century. All this thanks to high quality paintings that the author has been collecting for years.This work is a must if you love art and chess.

Carl Portman

Chess players might baulk at the hefty price tag, but I do believe that it is one of a kind.
Do I recommend it? Yes. I see it as an investment in any chess player’s collection that can be enjoyed time and again.

Peter Herel

Peter Herel Raabenstein is a conceptual artist born in Czech Republic. He has done an enormous amount of work during his career. Some of his latest projects are Red Blue Dimension exhibition, and drawing camps and lectures for handicapped people. This unique book, a collection of paintings where chess is the main theme, is a brilliant example of connection between the game of kings, art and history. He was inspired by the symbolism of chess and evolution of art itself. After many long years of studying and planning he finally found a way to bring the book to reality.


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