Chess in Art is a unique book, which presents history of chess in painting.

Chess in Art - book

800 years of chess

in one book

Based on seven years of literally detective work, of searching through archives, the book will show you how artists throughout history have depicted the game of kings.

320 color pages on hardcover matte paper.

7 years of data collection

15 years of conceptualisation

includes book, dedication card and branded packaging

book size: 26×26 cm; book weight: 1.8 kg

the book includes images of paintings created by more than 700 artists


Peter Herel Raabenstein

Peter has always had a desire to travel and explore, as well as a thirst for knowledge of art and history. Whenever Peter was travelling, he always had a chess set with him, thanks to which he was able to overcome language barriers anywhere in the world.

Throughout his life, Peter had the opportunity to learn about cultures all over the world, from which he drew a lot of inspiration. He attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie school of painting and also completed special training in classic painting and colour studies with Professor Rudi Koegler.

He is the founder of The Zátiší Gallery in Prague and the inventor of the special painting technique Red-Blue Dimension. The Chess in Art project took Peter 15 years of searching in art archives for paintings from which he eventually compiled a truly unique book.

Chess in Art - author

Lenka Slámová a Lukáš Sláma, The North Bohemian Research LibraryLenka Slámová a Lukáš Sláma, The North Bohemian Research Library
Team of librarians
April 4, 2021

Chess in Art entices you to a unique walk through eight centuries of artistic depiction of this royal game, which will surely be enjoyed not only by a chess player or art lover. (Translated)

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Kelver Vera, Torre 64Kelver Vera, Torre 64 – Ajedrez Internacional
FIDE Master
June 8, 2020

Chess in Art a book with a lot of history. A unique book of its kind, highly recommended for lovers of painting and history. The book delights all chess players and those interested in painting and history. (Translated)

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Verity Babbs, Art PluggedVerity Babbs, Art Plugged
History of Art graduate from the University of Oxford, artist consultant, writer, and podcast host.
February 21, 2021

Raabenstein has created a beautiful, weighty and very satisfying book. Even without a pre-existing knowledge of chess, it is an eye-opening project which demonstrates the true cultural longevity of a game that has come to represent intelligence, social interaction, and competition.

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George Bertola, Europe EchecsGeorge Bertoly, Europe Echecs
Lead editor of Europe Echecs
June 6, 2020

A very interesting book for art lovers which brings together works that you will certainly enjoy discovering. (Translated)

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Sergey StanovkinSergey Stanovkin

Director of Dars Consulting, Head of BBC Advertising Regional Offices
February 17, 2020

I would like to say “sorry” to my friends. I would not pass this book to them as a present. I am going to keep the book “Chess in art” for myself and my kids. It helps me to present the depth and wisdom of chess to my children and gives me another reason to open this book with my friends when they visit me at home…

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Christine O_Donnell, Thoughts On ArtChristine O’Donnell

Curator, art historian, owner of Beacon Gallery and Beacon Gallery Consulting and the writer behind Thoughts on Art.
May 30, 2020

This book is a unique contribution to the world of chess. It’s a good jumping off point for chess enthusiasts or future art history scholars who may want to analyze chess in art.

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David LladaDavid Llada

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for FIDE, journalist, photographer and chess author.
June 1, 2020

I used to say that #TheThinkers was the most beautiful chess book ever devoted to chess – at least when it comes to the aesthetics. But after I saw @chessinart’s book, I don’t think I can claim that anymore. This book is one of a kind.

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New in Chess Magazine

New in Chess Magazine
No. 6, November 2020
available at

Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, chess writer, commentator and organizer, editor-in-chief of New In Chess.

An attractive coffee-table book that represents an engrossing overview of some 400 chess-themed paintings, many of which I had never seen before.

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American Chess MagazineAmerican Chess Magazine (#7)
February 2020
available at!/AMERICAN-CHESS-MAGAZINE-17-Catch-Me-If-You-Can

This book is the polar opposite of a clunker. The outward presentation is a good indication: it is a firmly bound hardback with excellent paper quality and stunning printing. Heartfelt congratulations from me to the author and publisher – their book is truly one of a kind.

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Winnipeg Free PressWinnipeg Free Press (#4)

December 12, 2020
available at

Cecil Rosner, board member in Manitoba Chess Association, professional journalist and winner of Michener and Gemini Awards

The book is work of art in itself, beautifully printed and bound. If you love chess, you will appreciate the very existence of this book.

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CHESS MagazineCHESS Magazine
Volume 85, No. 5, August 2020
available at

Carl Portman, author of the book Chess Behind Bars, chess organizer, player and coach, Manager of Chess in Prisons for the English Chess Federation.

Chess in Art was a cultural journey. It reminded me of the old adage, ‘It’s not enough to look, you have to see’. I see it as an investment in any chess player’s collection that can be enjoyed time and again.

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International Chess Federation

FIDE Newsletter #024
February 2, 2021
available at

The proliferation of chess podcasts demonstrates, once again, that chess is not only a game, but a whole subculture that has grown around the sport. Perfect proof of that is the coffee-table book “Chess in Art”.

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British Chess NewsBritish Chess News
November 15, 2020

John Upham, ECF & ECU Accredited Coach
available at

However, this book is a real beauty, definitely a collectors item with a volume to cover 1900  to the present day in the pipeline. If you have a coffee table and want to cheer it up at Christmas then this book is for it and you!

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New in Chess MagazineNew in Chess Magazine (NIC)
No. 6
November 2020

Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, chess writer, commentator and organizer, editor-in-chief of NIC.
Available at  New In Chess

An attractive coffee-table book that represents an engrossing overview of some 400 chess-themed paintings, many of which I had never seen before.

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