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Chess in Art 1100 – 1900


Chess in Art is the only book of its kind in the world. The book spans 800 years of art history, involving the “game of the kings” itself. It is the culmination of ten years of work by the famous artist Petr Hereel, who was inspired by the galleries, museums, and games of chess that he encountered all over the world as he traveled and worked.

Originally, this book was created as a gift for Peter’s uncle who longed to have a book about chess and paintings. When Peter went to buy one for his uncle’s birthday, he discovered no such book existed. This was the inspiration to start working on Chess in Art.

We hope that this unique book will please not only Peter’s uncle, but also all lovers of art and the royal game. It is a perfect opportunity to enrich your library. When you open the book, you will breathe in 800 years of history in the company of 700 artists who loved chess, just as you do.

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“Chess in Art”, the book by Peter Herel Raabenstein, is a remarkable contribution to literary treasures on history of art. It is a unique work as it is the first one of its kind, not only in our country but also within the global context. It consists of an ample collection of paintings dealing with the subject of chess, covering an incredible period of one millennium (1100- 1900).
At the beginning, there was an original idea which was followed by patient and systematic collecting of paintings, keeping the author busy for 10 long years.
The high-quality colour reproductions are accompanied by basic information about the creators of the originals from all over the world. Owing to the scope of this work, the author logically divided it into 2 volumes. The first one covers the period from 1100 to 1900, the second one the period from 1900 to 2000. In addition to producing such an extensive work, which is an admirable achievement in itself, the greatest impact of the book by Peter is the fact its contents, extent and layout will attract and satisfy not only the followers of chess and art, but also all readers with a sense of aesthetics. That is why it should not be missing on their bookshelves.

PhDr. Václav Procházka – Art historian

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